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Look no more for outdoor cleaning cleaning services in Hightstown, NJ. The professionals at Nice & Neat do all they can to ensure that your outdoor living space is as clean as the inside. We handle all kinds of outdoor cleaning from gutter cleaning to removing all the clutter from your garage, we understand that the exterior of your home or business is always the first thing that neighbors and customers see. We do all we can to guarantee that you make the best first impression possible. Contact us now to schedule an inspection and to get a quote.

Removing leaf blockages and other gutter clutter has many benefits. It helps your gutter system to be more efficient and helps prevent the buildup of mold and other pests, we help improve your gutters by keeping them clear and clean in any season.

We also specialize in all kinds of indoor cleaning services too.


The professionals at Nice and Neat do indoor house cleaning in Highstown, NJ to keep your home or business is spotless and clean. We clean all indoor rooms from Kitchen to bathroom to flooring to light fixtures, etc., no job is too big or too small for our professionals. We use all antimicrobial (approved cleaning agents) products to ensure your and business is clean and germ free. Don’t waste another moment cleaning your property yourself, put your cleanliness needs into our experienced hands today. At Nice & Neat, we provide everything for indoor cleaning in Hightstown, NJ, from general cleaning services to full mold remediation for concerned clients. We floor vacuuming and carpet cleaning designed to remove even the worst of stains to duct cleaning to improve the air quality of your home. We also provide a full menu of outdoor cleaning services from pressure washing to chimney cleaning to gutter cleaning. We tailor our services to our customer’s everyday needs. Contact us now to schedule an initial inspection and get a quote.

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